Make-A-Wish for Makayla At the Spring 2015 Great Plains Renaissance Festival

The Make-A-Wish Foundation will be bringing 13 year old Makayla to come join us for the VIP treatment at the Great Plains Renaissance Festival!

Makayla was born with severe progressive scoliosis and cerebral palsy. Now 13-years old, she is a bubbly people-person and loves the Renaissance family atmosphere.

When she met with her wish granters, she explained that her one true wish was to have a VIP experience at the Wichita Renaissance Festival. This weekend, that wish will come true, thanks to many community partners who have joined in to share the power of a wish®! Her VIP weekend will start Saturday morning with a make-over at Mary Kate and Company. She will arrive to the festival by limo, where she will be greeted by her Cavalier Pirate escort. The rest of her VIP experience will be revealed to her as the weekend goes on, and it is sure to be a magical experience for everyone involved!

Check back next week for a full story and pictures!