Highland Games Entry Form

The Great Plains Renaissance Festival,

Wichita Highland Games,


Athletic Entry Form & Waiver

April 20th & 21st, 2024

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    Nine Events: Braemar, Open Stone, HWFD, LWFD, Light Hammer, Heavy Hammer, Caber, WFH & Sheaf.

    (Sheaf does Not Count towards the IHGF placement)

    No Spin allowed in WFH or Sheaf

    Your T-Shirt Size:

    PLEASE NOTE, You are NOT guaranteed a shirt if the entry form is sent in after April 5th, 2024.

    There will be one qualifying caber per class, as determined by relative experience of competitors, to move on to the "Caber Event." IHFG Classes are limited to first ten (10) registrants.

    Nine events: Braemar Stone, Open Stone, HWFD, LWFD, Light Hammer, Heavy Hammer, Caber, Sheaf Toss (except IHGF), Standing WFH. Entry fee is $30, which covers shirt, water, and a fantastic NN lunch. Any unpaid entry (payment is at the bottom of this form) is invalid until payment is made.

    Select one Saturday or Sunday class. The Athletic Directors Reserve the Right to Place Athletes in the Appropriate Class According to Ability, Age, and Sex.

    Saturday IHGF Classes:

    Sunday Classes:

    The Athletic Directors Reserve the right to place athletes in the appropriate class according to ability, and age. Unsportsmanlike
    conduct will not be tolerated for any reason. You will be ejected from the games, scores void and will leave the Great Plains
    Renaissance Festival.

    I Hereby, For Myself, My Heirs, Executors, and Administrators, Waive and release all Rights and claims for damages I may be
    entitled to against the Wichita Highland games and Great Plains Renaissance Festival. It’s representatives, agents successors,
    and assignee's, for any and all injuries suffered by me through participation in these events. Additionally, I agree to be bound by
    the athletic rules as stated by officials on the heavy events competition of the Wichita Highland games, USAD Rules govern.

    You Must Click to Accept The Above Waiver

    Highland Games Entry Fee: $45 by PayPal