Fall 2019 Entertainment

Pirates, fairies and knights, oh my! His majesty the king has summoned the very best fire breathers, jugglers, musicians, dancers, pipers from all across the realm to please the patrons of the Great Plains Renaissance Festival. Sword will ring upon shield as knights do battle for the honor of their lady fair, the royal falconer shall fly birds of prey, see sleight of hand and feats of daring. Come one, come all! Check back often as the scribe shall be adding new names to the list of enchanting entertainers as they respond to the royal decree!

Lances will shatter and sword will ring upon shield as the brave knights of Joust Evolution do battle at the Great Plains Renaissance Festival being held in Sedgwick County Park. Experience the thrill of medieval combat as knight and steed work to win the day. May the most gallant knight win!

The Great Plains Renaissance Festival is proud to bring you the Master Falconers of Raptors Keep! Falconry was a popular sport and status symbol among the nobles of medieval Europe and the Middle East. Eggs and chicks of birds of prey were quite rare and expensive, and because the process of raising and training a hawk or falcon requires a great deal of time, money, and space, it was largely restricted to the noble classes. Be sure to catch one of Raptors Keep informative and entertaining shows, you’ll simply be amazed! Huzzah!

Become a knight in shining armor! Herr (Sir) Karl is a 15th Century German Knight, sworn to truth, honor and the code of chivalry. Join Herr Karl and his company of knights…literally! Kids of all ages can live out their fantasy of being a 13th century knight by dressing in chainmail, gorget, gauntlets and knightly helmets – great for photo ops! Then watch our “Arming the Knight” show where you can actually learn the steps to knighthood, the parts of a knights armor and help…Herr Karl be suited in his 15th Century full 16-gauge plate harness. Sir Gregory and Don (Sir) Vilhelm will also be wearing their armor at various times each weekend to provide photo ops. Educational and entertaining- huzzah!

The Skallywags Pirate Comedy

This picture says a thousand words…you know these scoundrels can’t be up to any good!

Wichita’s first and only aerial performance art group featuring Gaia, Tracey and Haley; aerial yoga, silks & lyra

Highland Games events running 10am – 5pm daily

Caber toss, Hammer Throw, Weight over Bar, Sheaf Toss, Stone Throw, Weight for Distance 

Our schedule includes both men’s and women’s events:


IHGF Men’s All-American Championship 

Men’s  B, & C Class

Women’s Open

Women’s Masters


IHGF Women’s All-American Championship

 Men’s  A Class

Men’s Under 200 (Lightweights)

Men’s Masters (40 – 49,50+)

These lovely and talented ladies have been with us since our very first year but still find new and exciting ways to delight and thrill the patrons of the Great Plains Renaissance Festival with their middle eastern dance performances! Sharing the joy of dance since 1974

Tribal dance with a bang! Tribe Atomic is the performing troupe of Sarpa Rajni studio. The dancers comprising the troupe have over over 25 years of dancing between them, including two additional certified ATS instructors. Each member brings their own unique flair and style to the dance, making each performance dynamic and exciting in its own right. Tribe Atomic is also available for private performances.

Our favorite singing pirates are back and better than ever! Aye maties, head on over to hear the dread songs of the sea! AARRRRGGGGG!!!!

The Vikings

Learn about and play Viking Games! Don’t worry, these are Vikings you’ll like!

Ongoing interactive educational displays of Musketeers arms and armor, duties and responsibilities.

What is a Musketeer?

Musketeer refers to any soldier that carries a musket.  Often the image brought to mind is that of the French Musketeer.  Created by King Louis XIII of France, the served as Household Guard, Secret Service, and the Special Forces for the King.  These men were unmatched by any ordinary soldier

Éiníní is a folk music band that performs traditional music from cultures throughout history. Our name, pronounced “eh-NEE-nee,” means “little birds.”

Oh, Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling…Join the Flint Hills Pipers, River City Pipes and Drums and Wichita Caledonian Pipes and Drums as they lead our Parade of Scottish Clans through the Great Plains Renaissance and Scottish Festival September 28th and 29th, 2019 at Sedgwick County Park.

This new event is a first step in expanding the Scottish presence and activities at the festival, looking forward to full-fledged piping & drumming competitions by soloists and bands from around the region.Huzzah!

West Morris Dancers

Playing Celtic/English tunes and English folk dance using sicks, hankies and bells. Pure magic, we say. look for the West Morris Dancers throughout the day for the Queen has said “Let there be dance!”

Black Oak Shillelagh

Give a big Great Plains Renaissance Festival welcome to Black Oak Shillelagh! Exciting, energetic and fun! These talented troubadours will have you dancing to their jigs and reels and Celtic tunes. Their repertoire includes traditional Irish and Scottish ballads and songs and covers of the music of modern Irish artists such as Christy Moore. They’ve also been known to throw in a few songs from the sea and from places where the Irish immigrated. We also happen to think that Black Oak Shillelagh is the coolest name for a Celtic band – EVER! Huzzah!

The Jolly Bodgers

Crafters and re-enenactors do live demonstrations of their craft.

The Brothers of Bedlam

Mad Tom Bedlam and brother dear wander the festival grounds in search of good cheer. Interactive and entertaining and not to be missed (how can you?)! Here’s a helpful hint: Keep your eyes on your turkey legs!

Chivalry for Children

“Knighthood lies above eternity; it doesn’t live off fame, but rather deeds.”

During their formative years, children are fascinated by the stories of heroes. In these legends and fairy tales, they find not only role models, but also an opportunity to explore for themselves the endless possibilities inherent in their imagination and creativity.

Even today, with the Internet and other incredible forms of mass communication and entertainment, the world of knights, with their tales of courtesy and chivalry still exert a powerful influence on the minds and imaginations of children of all ages.

Chivalry for Children seeks to tap into that fascination, and with stories and activities, to use it as a vehicle to inspire, encourage, and guide children and young adults to seek within themselves the qualities of “chivalry” which they possess but which may lie dormant within them, and to exhibit those virtues in their interactions with others.

Academ’e de Duello

The Acadam’e de Duello is a renaissance fencing club dedicated to the teaching of Renaissance Fencing as used from 1450 to 1750 AD based in Wichita, Kansas. “What is renaissance fencing?” Simply put, the European martial art of rapier fighting. The rapier was an effective, lightweight civilian weapon worn by nobles and scoundrels alike. The fighting style used by Acadam’e de Duello fighting is more effective than the Hollywood versions…”

The Blackheart Renaissance Fencing Club holds practices every Tuesday in Derby, Kansas. We are a non-profit group that studies and practices swordsmanship from the renaissance and post renaissance eras dating from approximately 1100CE to 1800CE.

A Wichita fencing academy with the goal to teach fencing to everyone that wishes to learn. The WFHA teaches the art of the Epee and Longsword. Thrill to the skill of the art of the sword!  

Chief Herald, Knight of the Realm and the self proclaimed King of Hospitality – it just wouldn’t be the Great Plains Renaissance Festival without our favorite ambassador of good will and cheer greeting our patrons as they enter the festival grounds. Here’s a tip – if your visiting us for the very first time be sure to say hello to Sir William – you are sure to get the royal treatment! Hip, hip Huzzah!