Fall 2023 Entertainment Schedule

Black Stone Stage

10:00 AMEinini
10:30 AMBlack Oak Shillelagh
11:00 AMRaptors Keep Birds of Prey
12:00 PMBlack Oak Shillelagh
12:30 PMFlint Hills Fairies
1:00 PMRaptors Keep Birds of Prey
2:00 PMEinini
2:30 PMBlack Oak Shillelagh
3:00 PMRaptors Keep Birds of Prey
4:00 PMFlint Hills Fairies
5:00 PMEinini

Pirate Ship Stage

10:15 AMThe Sunflower Siren
11:00 AMThe Scallywags Pirate Comedy
11:45 AMDangerous Minstrels
12:30 PMThe Scallywags Pirate Comedy
1:15 PMRiver City Pipes and Drums
2:00 PMDangerous Minstrels
2:45 PMThe Scallywags Pirate Comedy
3:30 PMRiver City Pipes and Drums
4:15 PMDangerous Minstrels
5:00 PMThe Sunflower Siren

Pirate Smoker Stage

4:00 PMPirate Smoker feature the Scallywags 25th Anniversary Show

Royal Joust Arena

12:00 PMHeroic Knights of Old Jousting
2:30 PMHeroic Knights of Old Jousting
3:15 PMSiege Engine Competition

Amira’s Canvas Casbah

10:30 AM – 11:00 AMAssorted Sweets
11:00 AM – 12:30 AMMayari, Hoop Honeys, Couples Dance, Raqs Bahdi’a Muse
1:00 PM – 2:30 PML’Orient, Raqsat Jamila, Gameel, Bollywood
3:00 PM – 4:30 PMFilles De la Lune, Rhythm Riders, Egyptian Folkloric, South Wind Shimmy
5:00 PM – 6:00 PMAssorted Sweets

SCA Dell

10:00 AMHEMA / Cut & Thrust
11:00 AMArmored Combat
1:00 PMHEMA / Cut & Thrust
2:00 PMArmored Combat
4:00 PMArmored Combat
5:30 PMCut & Thrust

Royal Court

11:00 AMQueen’s Court
1:00 PMChivalry for Children (Saturday Only)
2:30 PMThe Queen’s Tea
3:00 PMRoyal Parade
3:15 PMKing’s Court
3:45 PMChivalry for Children
5:45 PMRoyal Parade to the Kings Last Hazzah!

OKC Armored Combat Schedule

11:00 AMOKC Armored Combat
1:30 PMOKC Armored Combat
4:00 PMOKC Armored Combat

King Oberon’s Court

11:00 AM
1:00 PM
3:00 PM
5:45 PM


Wichita Highland Games & IHFG Men’s & Women’s All-American Championships

Highland Games events running 10 AM – 5 PM daily

Caber toss, Hammer Throw, Weight over Bar, Sheaf Toss, Stone Throw, Weight for Distance 

Our schedule includes both men’s and women’s events:

WICHITA HIGHLAND GAMES AND IHGF MEN’S & WOMEN’S ALL-AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIPS • 10:00AM-5:00PM DAILY Caber Toss, Hammer Throw, Weight Over Bar, Sheaf Toss, Stone Throw, Weight for Distance

Saturday IHGF Classes:

Men & Women’s Open

LW Open Men & Women

Sunday IHGF Classes:

Masters Women 40-49

Masters Women 50+

Masters Men 40-49

Maters Men 50+

Front Gate

10:00 AMOpening Gate with the King and Queen
2:00 PMRiver City Pipes and Drums
5:30 PMPerformer meet and greet
6:00 PMThe King’s Last Huzzah (all acts performing!)

Pirate Smoker

4 PM Saturday & Sunday

Parade of Scottish Clans and Massed Bands

11:30 AM, Saturday & Sunday

Dangling Dames

Dangling Dames will be performing throughout the day at their own stage.

The Jolly Bodgers

Medieval crafts and more!

Viking Village

Viking games throughout the day.  Don’t worry, these are Vikings you’ll like!

Musketeer Encampment

Ongoing interactive educational displays of Musketeers arms and armor, duties and responsibilities. Watch out for the Cardinal’s guard!

Blackhearts Fencing Stage

10:30 AMFencing Show and Demonstration
1:30 PMFencing Show and Demonstration
4:00 PMFencing Show and Demonstration

Build a Catapult

Join MakeICT for your kids to build thier own small-scale (and safe) catapults throughout the day!