The Kansas Authors’ Pavilion

Some of the many authors that have appeared at the Kansas Authors' Pavilion over the years
Some of the many authors that have appeared at the Kansas Authors’ Pavilion over the years

The Kansas Authors’ Pavilion continues to be a unique feature of the Great Plains Renaissance Festival, bringing Kansas authors together for fun, companionship, and to meet & greet the crowds that attend the RenFest every year! There’s authors of all types who write in all sorts of genres that have joined us over the years, ranging from role playing games, vampires, zombies, mezoamerican fiction, poetry, young adult, romance, and more!  As for the authors themselves, they range everywhere from self-published one-shot books to award winning New York Best-Selling authors!

The Kansas Authors’ Pavilion exist thanks to the donation of space, time, and passes by The Great Plains Renaissance Festival, and sponsored by Midnight Ryder Technologies!

Are you a local author who wants to get involved? Great – just sign up, and we’ll get back to you! You’ll get into the faire for free (and an extra pass for those who need to bring an assistant)

Past and Returning authors include, in random order:

…And more!