The Royal Duck Hunt

The Chivalric Order of the Rubber Duck
would like to invite you and your kids
on a Ren Fest quest!

The Royal Rubber Duck Preserve is missing some of it’s rubber ducks! They have wandered off in search of adventure, food, or jokes that quack them up! We need your help finding them! As you explore the faire, keep your eyes out – you’ll find the ducks hiding on stages, in vendor tents, or even on the costumes of the Knights of the Rubber Duck that wander throughout the festival! If you can help us find them, tell The Royal Rubber Duck Preserve near the front of the festival – there may be a reward! Don’t try and capture the ducks yourselves – leave that dangerous task to the Royal Duck Wranglers!

How to Participate

Use the checklist below to keep track of when you find one of our ornery quackers outside of their preserve. You don’t have to find them all, but try and find as many as you can! Once you’ve found as many as possible, visit The Royal Duck Preserve near the front of the festival – it’s easy to find!

There also some ducks not listed – while they are not part of the Royal Duck Preserve, the King & Queen have asked for a census of the other ducks in our lands! So, if you find one not on this list just consider it a Bonus Duck, add it to the text box below – just write down what sort of duck it appeared to be, and where you found it!

The Holy Quail

Bonus Ducks

The Royal Duck Escape!

It’s not uncommon for the ducks to escape from The Royal Duck Preserve – earlier this year, members of The Chivalric Order the Rubber Duck (CORD) had to search high and low throughout Wichita to find our the missing quacklings, even employing the services of a Witch to find them! We found them all (we think – the King of Ducks might be missing), but if you find a missing rubber duck, who knows, bring it to The Great Plains Renaissance Festival with you, and we’ll introduce them to the Royal Duck Preserve ducks, too!

(A big thank you to our advance ticket locations Spektrum Muzik and Book-A-Holic for humoring us, along with Cowtown and the people of Wichita, Kansas in general. We might seem silly, but we’re not ducking around. ;-))