Image of trebuchet with Davis Sickmon on Left, Ballista with Atkeisson on Right

New for 2022!  The Siege Engine Contest brings two medieval-style weapons you’ve seen many times in movies and TV to life on field of battle at The Great Plains Renaissance Festival!  The ballista constructed by MakeICT, noted for it’s “crossbow” like appearance, dates back to the Greeks and remained in use through the Roman Empire and into the beginning of the Middle Ages.  A trebuchet constructed by The Kansas Authors’ Pavilion & Midnight Ryder Technologies, modeled after the European counter-weight trebuchet, will face off against the ballista in a head to head competition for speed and accuracy on the Joust field on Saturday and Sunday!  Don’t miss this unique event first time event!

About the Competition:

Both Siege Engines will face each other on the Jousting Field, pointed at each other, with 100 feet separating them. In front of each Siege Engine will be 5 targets. The goal is to, as quickly as possible, hit each target in front of the opposing team’s Siege Engine.

After the competition, be sure to stop by MakeICT to find out more about their ballista, and the Kansas Authors’ Pavilion to find out more about their Trebuchet!