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Thank you for your purchase! We look forward to seeing you at the Great Plains Renaissance Festival!

Some Quick Answers:

HELP! My Tickets didn’t show up!

No problem – first, give it up to 30 minutes, just in case it’s slow delivery. Then, if you still don’t see them, contact us via the Contact Form (do not call – that won’t reach the ticket crew) and we’ll get back to you usually fairly quickly.

I can’t make it – can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds on tickets under most conditions.

Can I buy more tickets?

Yes, but they will be on a separate purchase. When you get there you’ll have to show them both QR codes. (We do no merge ticket purchases for security reasons.)

What happens if it rains?

The show must go on. It’s not uncommon for there to be some singing in the rain. Plus, it’s Kansas – if it rains, unless it’s a full bore thunderstorm, it’s going to stop in a bit. There are lots of tents there.