Fall 2015 Photo Contest

Welcome to the Fall 2015 Great Plains Renaissance Festival Photo Contest!

Starting October 1st, 2015 until October 15th, 2015 we’ll be accepting entries into this first ever open photo contest for the Great Plains Renaissance festival!

From October 20th to November 15th, we’ll have open voting – voting is as simple as someone hitting the Facebook ‘like’ button on your photo on the Great Plains Ren Fest Facebook page!  At midnight on November 15th, 2015 we’ll look through all the photos and find the one with the most likes wins!

First Place winner gets $50, second and third place winners get two free tickets to the Spring 2016 Great Plains Renaissance Festival.  And of course, all winner get bragging rights!

Of course, you can’t have a contest without rules:

  1. Each person is allowed up to 10 entries into the photo contest. We’ll give you more than one chance to show your best work – plus, it’s always way too hard to figure out what shot is ‘perfect’ when you’ve taken fifty pictures!
  2. Photos are previewed for content and acceptability. We reserve the right to decide what acceptable is, along with culling out pictures that are extremely poorly taken (for instance, excessively blurry shots, nudity, profanity, etc. won’t be accepted.)
  3. Pre-watermarked photos are not accepted. Rule 4 & 6 will clarify why, but, please upload your photos without a watermark, additional text, etc.  (You’re free to crop your photos or otherwise adjust them before uploading.)
  4. Great Plains Renaissance Festival and it’s partners may make use of the photo. You are allowing the unlimited (and non-exclusive) use of your photo entry on the website, Facebook, or anywhere that the Great Plains Renaissance Festival and it’s partners feel are of appropriate use.
  5. You own it. By uploading the photo you’re agreeing that you own the rights to it – for instance, you didn’t download it from somewhere else and post it on here.
  6. You get credit. While the Great Plains Renaissance Festival, and it’s partners can potentially make use of your photo, they also agree to credit your photo within it’s usage.
  7. It’s from the Fall 2015 Great Plains Renaissance Festival in Wichita, Kansas, taken on September 26th or 27th, 2015. Content from other festivals, gatherings, etc. will not be accepted, nor will photos from previous years festivals be accepted.
  8. Entries from all sources accepted. That means both amateur and professionals both can enter!
  9. And throw in a little fame... If you provide us a link to your website, Facebook page, Twitter account, or whatever else strikes your fancy, we’ll be sure to add it to the contest page!

For further clarifications you can contact the contest administrator on Facebook.

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