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The Kansas Authors' Pavilion Participants
The Kansas Authors’ Pavilion Participants

The Kansas Authors’ Pavilion has become a regular part of the twice-yearly Great Plains Renaissance Festival, and as usual, we’ll be making free space available for authors to chat with the crowd, sign books, meet other local authors, and all that good stuff!  It’s our way of giving more exposure to authors in the area. Authors, btw, also include published comic book authors and editors.  Authors selling standard prints, paintings, works of art, etc. will be referred to as a vendor for purposes of the Great Plains Ren Fest, and will be expected to sign up as a standard vendor, not an author.  Books on CD and similar direct tie-in products are very much allowed.  If you have a question of if your tie-in product is allowed, feel free to ask.  It’s April 21st & 22nd from 10 AM – 6 PM.  BUT:  I also know some people end up working Saturday or Sunday, or have to take off early for gigs – no worries, you can still sign up, just be sure to mention what your schedule is (hey, we all have real-world things to deal with sometimes 😉

Unlike a ‘con, this space is free, and so is your ticket.

Qualifications:  Author is defined as someone having written works in print.  This is also a family friendly crowd – so no adult material please, for written word or comic book / graphic novel format.  In your description of your wares, please be sure to identify if you think part of your works might be questionable – it will be reviewed and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with a decision.  If you do bring material of an adult nature or of a nature we feel is not appropriate to have at the fair you may be asked to leave.

What we provide:  We provide you with a table, chair, and a spot in the pavilion (NOTE:  If response is so high we can’t provide enough tables and chairs, we’ll start contacting authors to bring their own.)  We also provide one free entry to the faire on Saturday and Sunday – if you want to bring someone with you, please purchase a ticket for them online or at the gate.  For planning purposes, expect to have four to five feet of table space – this isn’t a ‘con, and the table spaces are free, so you won’t have room for shelving units or similar bulky items.  However, if towards the end up signups we think there’s enough space available, we’ll spread the authors out a bit so everyone has a bit more room – planning is for “worst case scenario” that the tent is completely packed!   We also provide a mention on our Author’s Pavilion page – another way for you to get just a little more exposure in the community! (The listing is first come, first listed basis – the sooner you register, the higher you’ll appear on the list.)

What you provide:  Yourself and your works, of course!  You’re responsible for transporting your works to and from the fair, setting up and putting away your books or works, things like that.  Please take your works home each day at the end of the fair – while there is some security at the fair after hours, the Great Plains Ren Fest is not responsible for any lost, damaged, or works rendered unsellable in any way, shape, or form when they are at the event.

If you’ve read all the rules below, and still have any questions – no problem!  Catch the event coordinator on Facebook (Davis Ray Sickmon, Jr) and he’ll answer all your questions!

Rules:  No adult material.  If nudity is involved in your work, please consider that children are present at the fair.  The fair opens for setup at 9 AM, and the gates open at 10 AM both Saturday and Sunday – please show up before 10 AM and have your works set up.  Anyone that appears after 10 AM will be charged for a day pass ticket and be frowned at by the Author’s Pavilion coordinator (and possibly razzed for the entire day by that person).  You are responsible for all sales, sales tax, and other applicable tax involved in any book or work you sell.  You are responsible for all of your works – we do not transport, secure, or otherwise claim any responsibility for you, your works, or your possessions.  In the event of a rain out, the Great Plains Ren Fest provides no refund (which is good, you didn’t pay anything) or compensation for damaged (as authors can attest from the 2010 Fall Ren Fest, when it looks like rain the sides of the tent get prepped, and then the tent secured if / when it does start raining.)  No alcoholic beverages are allowed to be consumed during the event by authors – this, again, is a family friendly event, and authors are expected to conduct themselves in a manner conducive to that atmosphere.  You are responsible for all sales tax and any other applicable taxes on the books you sell.

Please be sure to list all of your works in print, links to them, and your website – these items are kept on the website permanently.  This gives people a great way of finding you if they have that ‘what was that book I saw at the ren fest’ moment (and yes, that does happen, and yes, people actually have been known to try and hunt products down on the ren fest page!)  And of course, it gives you yet another link on Google.  We would, of course, ask that you’d do us the kindness of linking back to us on your site too, along with a mention that you’ll be joining us this year.  As with everything about the Kansas Author’s Pavilion event we try and do things in such a way that both sides help each other!

After filling out the form, expect up to 48 hours for a reply.  We normally reply immediately, but, sometimes the real world gets in the way of quick responses!

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