Blackstone Stage

10:00am Didgeman & Scarlett
11:00am Crazy Boy Coy (Saturday) Cox Wedding (Sunday Only)
11:30am Birds of Prey
12:30am Didgeman & Scarlett
1:30pm Crazy Boy Coy
2:30pm Birds of Prey (Saturday) Medieval Cosplay (Sunday)
3:00pm Crazy Boy Coy
4:00pm Didgeman & Scarlett
5:00pm Birds of Prey

Pirate Ship Stage

11:00am Pirates Inc.
11:30pm The ScallyWags
12:00pm Musical Blades
12:30pm The Bawdy Buccaneers
1:00pm The ScallyWags
1:30pm Musical Blades
2:00pm Pirates Inc.
2:30pm The Bawdy Buccaneers
3:00pm The ScallyWags
3:30pm Musical Blades
4:00pm  Saltire Pipers

Royal Joust Arena

Joustevolution 12:00pm
Joustevolution 2:30pm
Joustevolution 4:30pm

Rosco And Rose Red Magic & Mischief Stage

Rosco And Rose Red 10:30am
Rosco And Rose Red 12:30pm
Rosco And Rose Red 2:00pm

Kid’s Realm Stage

11:00am Fairy Tales and Hay Bales
11:30 – 12:00 Game Time
1:00pm Fairy Tales and Hay Bales
2:00 – 3:00 Blessing
4:00pm Fairy Tales and Hay Bales
5:00 – 5:30 Story Time

Pavilion Stage (Smoker Stage)

Smydgyn 10:30am
The Bawdy Buccaneers 11:00am
Dr. Rev. Mr. Cheeks 11:30am
Pirates Inc. 12:00pm
Smydgyn 12:30pm
Dr. Rev. Mr. Cheeks 1:00pm
The Bawdy Buccaneers 1:30pm
Dr. Rev. Mr. Cheeks 2:00pm
Smydgyn 2:30pm
Pirates Inc. 3:00pm
PIRATE SMOKER SHOW (18+ to enter, 21 to drink) 4:00pm

Fire Stage

Crazy Boy Coy (Sunday Only) 11:30am
Carpe Incendia 12:00pm
Carpe Incendia 2:00pm
Birds of Prey 2:30pm (Sunday)
Carpe Incendia 4:00pm

Amira’s Canvas Casbah

Rakasat Habibi & Ruska Rromani 10:15am
L’Orient Dance Group 11:00am
Mr. Bill 11:35am
Mayari Dance Collective 11:45am
Rakaset Dahabeya 12:30pm
Danse Arabesque 1:15pm
Mr. Bill 1:50pm
Raks Araby 2:00pm
Assorted Sweets II 2:45pm
Filles de la Lune 3:30pm
Assorted Sweets II 4:15pm

The SCA Dell

Heavy Weapons Armored Combat 11:00am
Medieval Dance 11:30am
Heavy Weapons Armored Combat 01:00pm
Medieval Dance 01:30pm
Heavy Weapons Armored Combat 03:00pm
Medieval Dance 03:30pm
Heavy Weapons Armored Combat 05:00pm
Medieval Dance 05:30pm


Chivalry For Children (Saturday Only) 1:00 pm
Royal Parade 3:00 pm
Chivalry For Children 4:00 pm

Chivalry for Children

Held At The Royal Court
1:00 PM Saturday Only
4:00 PM Saturday and Sunday

Queen’s Tea

The Queen’s Tea 2:30 pm

Academe de Duello

10:00 AM Front Gate Show
3:00 PM Fencing Show
5:00 PM Fencing Show

Scottish Sheep Wars

Various times throughout the day

Performer Meet And Greet / Music

At the Front Gate at 5:30 PM

Spring 2014 Schedule

All schedule items are subject to change without notice. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.